As an international school, we are fortunate to have a diverse community of parents who come together for a common goal: their children.

​The VISS parents Association was established in 2008 over the years it has varying levels of success, parents their input to the school is always welcomed and appreciated.

Currently, our parents are participating in many activities including:

  • International Day
  • National Day
  • Athletics and sports carnivals
  • Students activities
  • Grandparents day
  • Pink Day-Cancer awareness
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Coffee sessions
  • Fitness clubs (Aerobics, Zumba, swimming, Yoga)

VISS parent's taking part in Parent Association eventsParents are an integral part of our community and we would like to build on their current involvement and scope of activities.

Over the last couple of years we have had a dedicated group of parents working in a volunteer capacity across the school in various event who work tirelessly to create a wonderful model for us to further build on. International schools are of a transient nature so people do relocate, we at VISS are fortunate that many of our families are long term and we have much historical experience to share.

In the coming weeks we will begin the process of formally reestablishing the PA with committee roles. The workload is not extensive, it is a collaborative approach to building an engaging community for our students, families and staff.

This group will be a VISS and Parent partnership, we will offer varying ranges of activities to encourage our parents to be more involved in the community tis will include:

  • The Chair will be a VISS employee/parent
  • Coffee mornings with Principal and members of leadership team
  • Workshops with faculties across the school Pre-KG-Grade 12
  • Social activities within the school
  • 2 meetings per Term-Formal
  • Informal meetings throughout term
  • Formation of specific groups to work on activities within the school
  • Activities in school
  • UAE National Day
  • International Day

​If you are interested in more information or being involved please contact Julie Howell: [email protected]