VISS boasts a constantly evolving music programme across Primary, Middle and Senior School. Students take part in Music classes as part of the curriculum until the end of Grade 8 and as an elective thereafter.

VISS Music Academy 

Through our Co-curriculum programme, we offer our Primary, Middle and Secondary School students an opportunity to develop and enjoy their musicality beyond the classroom with individual lessons taught by qualified specialist tutors.

To sign up for the VISS Music Academy please complete the form here, and we’ll get back to you within two days with an invoice and further information.


Sharjah Performing Arts Academy Classes in Acting/Dance/Musical Theatre

The professional tutors from Sharjah Performing Arts Academy have collaborated with VISS to offer comprehensive classes in performing arts to give students an edge in the world of Acting, Dance, and Musical Theatre. These 1-hour group classes take place on a weekly basis in various age groups across ages 6-14 years old. 

Complete an application for here and we’ll get back to you within two days with an invoice and further information. 



Grade 6 Band Program

VISS’s signature Grade 6 Wind Band program provides the exceptional opportunity for all students to learn to play and care for a wind instrument throughout the entire year. Specialised teachers deliver constantly evolving and up to date courses, students have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments, compose music/write songs, analyse music, and play together as a group.

Arts Performances at VISS

Co-Curricular Music and Performing Arts 

At VISS a number of co-curricular music ensembles and clubs welcome students of all backgrounds and skill sets. The spectacular Primary and Secondary Musical Productions are full of excitement for both cast and audience, and regularly draw sell-out crowds. The VISS vocal group rehearses regularly and performs both within the school and at external events. Other clubs, including the Grade 6 All-Star Band, Music Studio, and Lunchtime practice, ensure that every student has the opportunity to express themselves in the performing arts.

Why should my child learn to play an instrument? 

For 20 years, scientific research has found that learning to play an instrument is the best form of exercise for the brain. Through regular and disciplined practice students can: 

  • Raise their general cognitive capacity. 
  • Raise the level of executive function. 
  • Learn discipline through focus and listening to others. 
  • Learn how to cooperate with others. 
  • Work independently of others. 
  • Improve the ability to solve problems creatively. 
  • Learn a new skill. 
  • Be creative and expressive. 

For more information about any of our programs, please contact Mr. Ryan J. Brown, Director of Music and Performing Arts: [email protected]