Since our first Graduation in 2009 with two students to our current year of over sixty VISS Students have travelled the globe to study and accomplish amazing things: Doctors, Designers, Architects, Teachers, Nurses, Business Managers, Engineers, Pilots, Chefs, Artists, Accountants, Economists, Law, Arts and Communications and many more.

We are extremely proud of all these amazing people who have followed their passion, dreamt big and
achieved extraordinary things.

They have all left their footprints in the classrooms of VISS, have all at some point acted as outstanding role models and good humans and we hope they have taken many great memories with them as they have travelled far and wide across the globe.

2009-2020: 406 Graduates - 97% university entrance rate

Are you a VISS alumni we would love to share your story. Contact us VISS Alumni [email protected]