At VISS we strive to provide an enriching inclusive environment for all of our students. One that reflects the various backgrounds and experiences of our community. One that encompasses the principles of diversity, personalisation, equity, respect, acceptance and enrichment.


VISS pupilsEarly identification of students’ additional learning needs and potential barriers to learning enable a proactive approach to understanding individual needs. Needs that may have been recognized prior to school entry or once enrolled at VISS by our trained staff. Using formal and informal assessment data our staff meet students at their point of need providing support through tailored programs.


VISS offers enrichment and extension support from Pre-KG to Grade 12, tailoring programs to meet the educational interests and needs of students. Following the Social Model of Inclusion, staff work collaboratively to make reasonable adjustments where required, develop and implement Individual Learning Plans and work closely with families to support student learning.

Using a graduated approach, targeted learning opportunities are programmed encouraging the development of students independence, curiosity and confidence whilst effectively meeting their diverse learning needs.


Open lines of communication are pivotal to our success. Intervention Team Meetings and Student Centered Case Meetings are held regularly, engaging parents and families, school staff and external services who work collaboratively to support student development. 

Supporting Student Learning

We offer a range of support programs striving to enrich and extend students in many areas of their learning: 

  • Mentoring Program
  • Individualised Daily Support
  • Intensive Small Group
  • In Class Support
  • Literacy Enrichment Programs
  • Social Skills Development
  • MultiLit
  • EAL/D Booster Program
  • Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms
  • Motor Skill development Programs
  • Curriculum Modification
  • English Language Support
  • Maths Booster Prgram
  • Executive Functioning Training Program