VISS Global Citizen Diploma is an American style High School Diploma qualification offered at grades 11 and 12 in the senior school. This qualification is a two-year programme of study.

At the heart of this program is the aim to provide accessible yet academically rigorous courses of study for VISS senior students. Students wanting to study a specific discipline of subjects or developing their practical application of English Language skills or pursuing their interest in the Arts and Technology will certainly find this pathway in the senior school attractive. 

Students must fulfil the following conditions to achieve a VISS Global Citizen Diploma: 

  1. A minimum 21 credits from study in years 10, 11 and 12.
  2. 3 credits at the end of year 11 must come from English, Mathematics & Science. 
  3. 3 credits at the end of year 12 must come from English Mathematics & Science. 
  4. If applicable, students must pass the Ministry of Education Arabic Language Exam.
  5. If Applicable, students must pass the Ministry of Education Islamic Studies Exam.
  6. Pass Approaches to Knowledge (ATK).
  7. Satisfactory completion of Curriculum Enrichment Programme (CEP).
Course Overview

Students in this programme study the following subjects: 


  • English, Mathematics & Additional Language (Arabic or French). Students have the option to do IB Mathematics in this programme and earn double credits. 
  • Islamic Studies (If applicable)
  • SATs & IELTs/TOEFL – this is a requirement for equalization from the Ministry of Education. (Students need to take these tests independently outside school)

Four Electives: 2 types 

  • Type 1 – 2 year course (Science & humanities)
  • Type 2 – 1 year course (Art & Technology & PE) 

In addition to the above subjects, students are expected to do a critical thinking course called Approaches to Knowledge (ATK) and complete an experiential learning called Curriculum Enrichment Programme (CEP). CEP encourages students to engage in activities beyond academics and learn through action and experience. CEP is a completion requirement for the high school diploma.

Entrance Criteria

Entrance Criteria – Global Citizen Diploma Programme (GCDP) – ONLY for VISS Students 

Entry into the GCDP programme is generally available for VISS Grade 10 students. The GCDP follows the American style credit rating for subjects. In order to achieve a GC Diploma at the end of year 12, student must acquire a minimum 21 credits from their study in Years 10, 11 & 12.

  • By the end of Grade 10, students must achieve a minimum total of 6 credits in order to join the GC Diploma Programme. 
  • Students must pass English, Mathematics & Science. 
  • Where applicable, students must pass MOE Arabic & Islamic Studies.
GC Diploma Credit Rating
Requirements for Global Citizen DiplomaAvailable Credits
Compulsory GC English (Advanced/Basic)1
Compulsory GC Maths  OR1
IB Maths Studies1 + 1
(1 additional credit awarded at the end of year 2.  At the end of year 1,  .5 credit carried forward to GC2)
Compulsory MOE Arabic OR French1
Elective Type 1 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities) - Pre-requisite to have studied subjects in this category in GC1 in order to be eligible for Year 2 in the programme.1
Elective Type 2 (VA, PA, Tech, and ICT, PE) - Subjects will be taught as independent one year courses in GC1 and 2. Essentially students can study these subjects as stand-alone courses in either GC1 or 2.1

VISS Global Citizen Diploma Grade Boundaries 

Letter GradePercentageLevel
A*95 to 100Excellent
A90 to 94Above
B80 to 89At Standard
C70 to 79Approaching
D60 to 69Pass
Fail49 and belowFail