Sport is an integral part of our Australian education. The VISS sports program works on the underlying philosophy to produce confident, well rounded individual who have a healthy respect towards competition and fair play.

The program is constantly evolving across Primary, Middle and Senior School which is based around seasons in which teams compete in the Emirates International Schools Sports Association (EISSA).  This conference draws together a variety of the top international schools in the Northern Emirates. VISS hosts many EISSA leagues and tournaments, which allow our students a myriad of sporting opportunities.

We as a school and a PE Team provide opportunities for students to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of physical activity, competition, teamwork and sportsmanship as well as promoting positive attitudes toward sport and physical pursuits that will prepare them to engage in an active lifestyle. 

Sports at VISS

Health and Physical Education-Curriculum

At VISS we recognize that regular physical activity contributes to improved performance in the classroom, as well as the overall health and wellbeing of students. While developing motor skills, this program also contributes to building students confidence, leadership, social skill and strategic thinking capabilities.

To complement this, theoretical health classes are paramount for students to attain knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their personal, social, emotional wellbeing. Developing these areas help build confidence in our students to be able to make clear and thoughtful decisions. When presented with this obstacles, this will enable them to take responsibility for his or her actions, behavior and also know how to take care of themselves and others.

Outdoor Education 

The Outdoor Education program at VISS aims to develop the ‘whole student’, equipping them with skills to have a successful life in the real world. Learning beyond the classroom as an essential aspect of the program as it builds character, self-reliance, responsibility and resilience.  The program also builds collaboration skills, teamwork, leadership and it encourages students to take risks in a safe environment so they can learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

Camps are provided to Grade 4, 5, 7, 9 and some Senior IB classes in urban or regional locations in the GCC and supported by fully trained outdoor education professionals through specialist external providers.
International trips are also offered, giving students the opportunity to respond to a variety of different learning situations and environments.  

Trips that have been offered:

  • Switzerland Ski Trip
  • AISA Annual Sports Tour
  • Malaysian Big Hearts Service Project
  • China Robotics Competition

House System

The House system consists of 4 houses (Falcons, Gazelles, Leopards and Scorpions) across Primary and Secondary School. House Captains from Grade 5, Grade 9 and Grade 12 are chosen to represent and leading their groups. These captains are responsible for fostering team spirit and running house events, which are sports oriented but also include events such as the talent show, chants, reading challenge, scavenger hunt, incentives and many more. 

Houses at VISS

The House system is designed to development positive teamwork skill, risk taking and collaboration within a healthy competitive environment outside the classroom.

VISS holds 3 major marque events thoughts the year such as Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming competitions and combining the scores from all other events, with winning house is named in the school honor board.