SS Key Information

Key Information




All student absences must be notified to the secondary school office. The office opens at 7.45 am.


Secondary School assemblies are held every Monday of Week 1 at 12.00pm. Assemblies are held in the Performing Arts Centre. Parents are welcome to attend.

Behaviour/ Welfare policy

A student Behaviour and Welfare policy is being finalised. The document will outline VISS rules and policy will be sent home with students in the coming months. All students and parents will be required to sign this document and make a commitment to follow the policy outlined.


Clubs are conducted every second Wednesday afternoon.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings will be scheduled throughout year for individual classes or year levels. These will provide an opportunity to meet our new Principal, Dr Rod. Mr Dean and Mr Andrew as well as other member of staff will also be present at these informal gatherings to speak to you. Information regarding these mornings will be sent home with your children.


All students are issued with VISS Secondary School diaries. The school diary is a necessary tool in your child’s education. Diaries are to be used as a communication source between school and home.

Early Departure

The class teacher/ level coordinator must be notified in writing in the school diary and approval given.

All students MUST leave from the Secondary School office at Gate 6, the Student register must be signed upon exiting.

Late Arrival

All students arriving after 8:10 AM MUST report to the Secondary School office at Gate 6 upon arrival and sign the register. A LATE SLIP must be collected and handed to the teacher when entering the class.


A school newsletter is published every 2 weeks.

Parent Association

The VISS Parent association is an active part of the VISS community. Members of the association can be contacted as per email:


Meetings and social events are held regularly and we strongly encourage you to join and participate within our school community. The committee regualry meet asnd play a veruy activbe role in school events nad parent workshops

Parent teacher interviews

Parent Teacher interviews are conducted twice a year


School Reports are issued twice yearly. These reports are issued at the end of each semester. Reports will beaccessible on Parent portal

Student Pick up

All Secondary school students MUST be collected from the Secondary School office – Gate 6 during the school day. After school students may exit from Gates 6, 2 and 1


Students travelling on school busses MUST NOTIFY the Transport Department if they are not using the bus at any particular time. Please notify the Transport Department directly by no later than 2pm on the day.

Not notifying the Transport Department causes long delays in releasing the buses from the school grounds which delays ALL students arriving home.

The Transport Department can be contacted on

Mr Bashar Beyasi

Transport Coordinator 06-599 3283 (direct office line)

Visitors /parents entering school grounds

All Visitors and Parents at VISS are required to register at the office when entering the school and wear a VISS visitors tag. This is a security and safety issue and will be strictly enforced

It is preferred that all visitors to the secondary school enter through the Secondary School office Gate 6