VISS boasts a constantly evolving sports program across Primary, Middle and Senior School. The program is based around seasons in which teams compete in the local Emirates International Schools Sports Association (EISSA), with seasonal leagues and tournaments. This conference draws together a variety of the top international Schools in emirate of Sharjah. VISS hosts many EISSA leagues and tournaments, which allow our students a myriad of sporting opportunities.

The VISS sports program provides a variety of experiences to promote positive attitudes toward sport and physical pursuits that will prepare them to engage in an active lifestyle. The VISS sports program shall be conducted in accordance with the school wide mission, vision and values. The underlying philosophy of the sports program is to produce confident, well rounded individual who have a healthy respect towards competition and fair play.


We value the team and its objectives over and above personal achievements.
We value reaching a state of physical fitness through exercise and healthy habits.
We value the gracious acceptance of defeat, whilst always striving to win through perseverance, dedication and hard work.
We value fair play and reinforce this through desirable social traits, emotional control, cooperation and dependability.
We value participation and personal improvement, and acknowledge our coaches, opponents and colleagues.


Given the challenges of the Sharjah climate, VISS sports staff acknowledge heat management guidelines and ensure that all students and staff are protected from heat related illness, ranging from heat cramps, to exhaustion and potential heat stroke, a life-threatening emergency due to the body’s inability to cool oneself due to extreme heat. When the body heats too quickly to cool itself safely, or when too much fluid or salt is lost through dehydration or sweating, body temperature rises and heat-related illness may develop.


An important dimension of our sports program is the rich and diverse after-school activity opportunities that exist. Our co-curricular activities program goals are aligned with the school’s mission, vision values, and aim to inspire students to:

Achieve their academic potential by developing and extending talents, and transferring knowledge, skills and understanding to a variety of sporting contexts.

Be passionate, reflective learners by discovering personal skills and talents through exploring sports and activities, and exhibiting the ability to consider their skills and talents.

Become global citizens by interacting positively and effectively with students in a variety of settings.

Lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives by working in groups or as part of a team to achieve success.

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