Secondary School

In the Secondary School your child’s skills will become more advanced as they are introduced to important ideas and learning styles. It is a time of rapid intellectual, emotional and physical growth. During this period, your child will become increasingly reflective about life, relationships and school as they begin to make significant decisions about future study and career pathways.

In Middle School, which includes students in the five year groups from Grade 6 to Grade 10, your child’s literacy and numeric skills will becoming more sophisticated as they are introduced to important disciplines, ideas and learning styles.

The curriculum in the Secondary School is also based on the Australian Curriculum (Victoria) 

The integrated approach to learning introduced in the Junior School will continue, particularly in the study of English and the humanities (history, geography and economics). In addition, students n the Senior School students will undertake specialised learning areas of choice that provide a pathway to university and work.     

Beginning Grade 11 is an important step for students as it represents their entry point into an adult learning environment, where excellence and innovation in learning and teaching continue to be prized. All Senior School students undertake the GC (Global Citizen Diploma) or the  IB diploma Programme.