Key Information

Class times will be consistent with common practice in the United Arab Emirates.

8:00 Students start to enter classrooms
8:10 -- 8:30 Home Group 20 Mins
8:30 -- 9:30 Period 1 60 Mins
9:30 -- 10:30 Period 2 60 Mins
10:30 -- 10:40 Eating Time 10 Mins
10:40 -- 11:10 Recess 30 Mins
11:10 -- 12:10 Period 3 60 Mins
12:10 -- 1:10 Period 4 60 Mins
1:10 -- 1:20 Eating Time 10 Mins
1:20 -- 1:50 Lunch 30 Mins
1:50 -- 2:50 Period 5 60 Mins
2:50 -- 2:55 Home Group Dismissal 5 Mins
2:55 -- 3:10 Bus Supervision 15 Mins

Primary School procedures


If your child is not attending school for some reason, please notify the Primary School office. The office opens at 7.45 am. A note should also be written in the diary when the child returns. Any extended absence from school, for reasons beyond your control, needs to be notified in writing to the Head of Primary School.


Please be aware that we have several children at VISS with severe allergies to food. Some children have a medical condition called Anaphylaxis. This is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening. It must be treated as a medical emergency, requiring immediate treatment and urgent medical attention. This reaction often involves more than one body system (e.g. skin, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, and cardiovascular). A severe allergic reaction usually occurs within minutes of exposure (smelling, touching or tasting), and progresses over a period of two hours and can rapidly become life threatening. The most common triggers for this reaction are eggs, all nuts including sesame, and nut products such as nutella, peanut butter and some chocolate products. Insect sting from a bee or other insects can also cause this reaction.



Primary School assemblies are held several times during the term. Assemblies are held in the Theatre in the Performing Arts Centre. The SRC runs these assemblies. Your child will inform you when his/her grade is performing at the assembly. Parents are welcome to attend.


At VISS we understand that 'Birthdays' play a special part in the lives of young children. Therefore, we ask for your partnership and cooperation, should you plan to celebrate your child's special day. We have children in our school with serious food allengies. Here is a list of guidelines that we request you to follow:

  • ONLY individual vanilla cupcakes with NO cream or icing and fresh fruits may be provide as a special treat for your child's birthday.
  • Child must be in full school uniform
  • Date must be scheduled with the class teacher
  • Birthday celebration will take place no earlier than 12.30PM
  • All products must be nut free.

Behaviour / Welfare policy

The student Behaviour and Welfare policy is being reviewed. The document will outline VISS rules and policy and procedures. It will be sent home with students in the coming months. All parents will be required to sign this document and make a commitment to follow the policy outlined.


Students can purchase lunch at the canteen by writing their order on an envelope, and sealing the money in the envelope. The order needs to be placed in the basket provided in their learning area, first thing in the morning. The lunch will be delivered to the classroom by the canteen workers. Students are not allowed to buy food for others or share food with friends. Canteen lists are available at the Primary School Office or in the grade level area.


All students are issued with VISS Primary School diaries. The school diary is a necessary tool in your child’s education. Diaries are an important communication source between school and home and should be checked regularly.

Drink bottles and lunch boxes

Please provide your child with a clearly named drink bottle. We recommend water as the best drink for your child. Juices are often high in sugars and do not quench the thirst. No fizzy soft drinks or glass bottles. It is important that students are well hydrated during the day. Clearly name or mark your child’s lunch box as well.

Early departure

The Home Room Teacher must be notified in writing in the school diary, or by calling the Primary School Office and asking for the message to be passed onto the teacher. All students MUST leave from the Primary School office at Gate 3, the Early Departure register must be signed at the Primary School Office before leaving.

Late arrival

Students arriving after 8.15 a.m. MUST report to the Primary School office on arrival and sign the late register. A LATE CARD must be collected and handed to the teacher when entering the class.

Mobile phones

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones at school. If a student needs to contact a parent for any reason, he/she needs to ask the teacher. If your child is travelling on the bus and has a mobile phone for safety purposes, the phone must stay in the child’s bag during the day. The school will take no responsibility for the security of mobile phones. Mobile phones used at school will be taken for safe keeping by the teacher.

Parent association

The VISS Parent association is an active part of VISS the VISS community. Members of the association can be contacted by email. Meetings and social events are held regularly and we strongly encourage you to join and participate within our school community.

Parent/teacher interviews

Formal parent /teacher interviews are conducted during the year. If you would like to meet with a teacher at other time, you can make an appointment with your grade level teacher or through the Primary School Office.

Student pick up

Parents are asked NOT to go directly to classrooms during the day. Parents who wish to pick up a student during the day, MUST go to the Primary School Office through Gate 3. You will be issued with an “Early Leave Pass” to collect the student from the classroom. Parents taking students early must sign out at the Primary School Office.

If you want your child to go home with another adult, please give written permission in the diary.


Students travelling on school buses MUST NOTIFY the Transport Department if they are not using the bus at any particular time. Please notify the Transport Department directly by no later than 2pm on the day.

Not notifying the Transport Department, causes long delays in releasing the buses from the school grounds which delays ALL students arriving home.

The Transport Department can be contacted on

Mr Bashar Beyasi

Transport Coordinator 06-599-3283 (direct office line)

Visitors /parents entering school grounds

All Visitors and Parents at VISS are required to register and collect a VISS visitors tag at one of the school offices when entering the school. This is a security and safety issue and will be strictly enforced.