Primary School

Primary School

When your child enters the Primary school at VISS, whilst English literacy and Mathematics are of prime importance, there is a strong focus on enjoyment of learning, as each child is encouraged to explore, discover and learn about their world.

The curriculum at VISS is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), and has been update to suit the local context and the needs of individual students.

In the Primary School, which includes students from Grade Prep to Grade 5, your child will learn to use essential knowledge, skills and behavior’s in a range of new and challenging ways, with the goal to apply them to differing contexts. The key is mastering the critical reading, writing, mathematical and thinking skills.

Young children are inherently curious about the world around them, and during the Junior School years at VISS, your child’s enthusiasm and curiosity will be nurtured, through a well-planned, sequential program of learning that is both rigorous and challenging.

In Science and Humanities, an integrated inquiry based approach to learning is used. In addition, your child will engage in a variety of other rich learning experiences including Art, Music and Drama, Health and Physical Education and Arabic.

Students are also being offered co-curricular activities including ballet, swimming, instrumental music and sports, such as karate and football