Parent Association

Parent Association

The Victorian International School of Sharjah Parents Association aims to represent and unite parents, staff and families of VISS. The objective and goal of the Association is to generate and maintain a community spirit through social and school activities with the emphasis on having fun and enjoying your years at VISS. It is our vision to have social events that benefit the whole family whether it is through fun and enjoyment or satisfaction in seeing a plan realized. The combination of these two aspects will always result in benefits to the VISS students

As an Association we act in support of the school by coordinating a range of events. These include both fundraising events (which in turn enable us to make purchases that benefit all students) and friend – raising events which help build our community.

One of the advantages of an International school is that we have many cultures and beliefs that enable us and our children to have a global prospective on life.

All parents are encouraged to participate whenever possible in the various activities and events as every person’s contribution makes a difference

As a relatively young school that is enjoying continued growth and development as each year goes by, it is our belief the a strong and active parent body will assist in the growth and change of the school whilst still keeping our school community and spirit as one of the most appealing aspects of VISS life. We look forward to meeting you this year.

If you would like further information please contact us via email