International Recognition

University Entrance

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)
Each year over 120000 IBDP graduates enter universities in nearly 140 countries. The IBDP is a well-recognized qualification for entering universities across the world.With its combination of rigorous and balanced academic preparation, IBDP graduates are able to utilisetheir ability to draw on knowledge and understanding of various cultures and histories, as well as learning how to think critically and apply what they have learned in different contexts and across disciplines, in order to succeed in their chosen university course.Through its dedicated careers advisor, VISS is able to assist students in determining the best course to study at University for them, whichever country that might be. VISS is also able to offer through its connections in Australia, direct entry to Australian Universities.Students entering VISS for their final two years of school will be enrolled in the IBDP.