VISS Global Citizen Diploma is an American style High School Diploma qualification offered at grades 11 and 12 in the senior school. This qualification is a two-year programme of study. At the heart of this program is the aim to provide accessible yet academically rigorous courses of study for VISS senior students. Students wanting to study a specific discipline of subjects or developing their practical application of English Language skills or pursuing their interest in the Arts and Technology will certainly find this pathway in the senior school attractive.

Students must fulfill the following conditions to achieve a VISS Global Citizen Diploma:

  1. A minimum 21 credits from study in years 10, 11 and 12.
  2. 3 credits at the end of year 11 must come from English, Mathematics & Science.
  3. 3 credits at the end of year 12 must come from English Mathematics & Science.
  4. If applicable, students must pass the Ministry of Education Arabic Language Exam.
  5. If Applicable, students must pass the Ministry of Education Islamic Studies Exam.
  6. Pass Approaches to Knowledge (ATK).
  7. Satisfactory completion of Curriculum Enrichment Programme (CEP).


Sarah Santrampurwala

(Assistant Head Senior School Curriculum – GC Diploma Coordinator)