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Parent Portal FAQ

Engage portal is a website application. If you have a secure internet connection available, you should be able to access the portal from anywhere. The portal URL is as follows:
Your login details have been sent to the main contact e-mail address that you have provided to the school. If you need to be re-issued the login details, in any case, please contact the VISS portal helpdesk team:
Your login details will be sent to the main contact e-mail address that you have provided to the school, along with other information that you would need to be informed about being a new parent at VISS. This e-mail should reach you within a week of confirming your child's registration.
We have placed a set of very useful video tutorials that will show you the specific functionality that you want help with. This makes it easier when you don’t have time to read an entire user guide. Please visit the VISS YouTube site to access these video tutorials -
No. There are no notifications or alerts sent to your portal or e-mail for absences or tardiness. However, the attendance on the portal is updated real-time. This means that when you access the portal, it will give you information on your child’s attendance for the current week - which includes the current day.
No. Pupil assignments and homework will continue to be handled outside the parent portal. Those with Edmodo accounts may continue to use this as their point of viewing assignments for their children.

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