ELC Key Information

Key Information


All student absences must be notified to the ELC office. The office opens at 7:45 am. Telephone: 06-599-3191 (ELC School Office)

All students must leave from the Early Learning Centre School office at Gate 4, the Student register must be signed upon entry and exit of the Early Learning Centre.


ELC assemblies are held once during a term. Assemblies are held in the Performing Arts Centre. Parents will be invited.


We are in the process of updating our email data-base. A letter will be sent home shortly requesting current contact details. To communicate with your class teacher please use the school diary, or contact the ELC School office by phone or email.


All students are issued with VISS Early Learning Centre diaries. The school diary is a necessary tool in your child’s education. Diaries are to be used as a communication source between school and home.

Lunch box

Students at the ELC have 2 snack times, so provide a variety of healthy and nutritious food that your child likes to eat. Examples include finger fruit/vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, watermelon, etc. Also, yoghurt, custard, cereals, sandwiches, rice, crackers and cheese. Make sure your child brings everyday a labeled water bottle. Water is the healthier choice instead of sweetened milk and juice. Please note our school has a NO Nuts policy. That means, nuts are not allowed in school (Nutella, peanut butter, roasted nut packets, etc).


The school newsletter will be updated in Edmodo regularly.

Parent association

The VISS Parent association is an active part of VISS the VISS community. Members of the association can be contacted as per email. ELC School Parents Email: ELC.parents@viss.ae

Meetings and social events are held regularly and we strongly encourage you to join and participate within our school community. The current President is Ms Cherine.

Parent teacher interviews

Parent Teacher interviews are conducted twice a year.


School Reports are issued twice yearly.

School nurse

When required, students will be escorted to the school nurse by the class teacher or class assistant. The Nurse will notify you directly if your child is required to go home.

School timing

Pre-KG 8am to 1pm

KG 8am to 1pm


Parents and students travelling on school busses MUST NOTIFY the Transport Department if they are not using the bus at any particular time. Please notify the Transport Department directly by no later than 11am on the day. Not notifying the Transport Department causes long delays in releasing the buses from the school grounds which delays ALL students arriving home.

The Transport Department can be contacted on

Mr Bashar Beyasi -> beyasi.bashar@viss.ae | Transport Coordinator 06-599 3283 (direct office line)

Visitors /parents entering school grounds

All Visitors and Parents at VISS are required to register at the office when entering the school and wear a VISS visitors tag. This is a security and safety issue and will be strictly enforced

It is preferred that all visitors to the ELC enter through the ELC office gate 4